Useful Tips

How to preserve olive oil

Olive oil should be stored in cool places, where sunlight does not reach. The ideal temperature for storing olive oil is 14 – 15°C. Olive oil absorbs all kinds of scents; therefore, it should be stored with the cap of its container closed, at places where there are no foreign scents. If the container of olive oil is not covered and if the oil remains in contact with air, it starts to spoil.

How to season meat dishes and pilaf with eggplant?

Peel the skin of the eggplants and wash them. Boil them in vinegar and store in a jar filled with vegetable oil. You will observe that, slowly, they take on the flavor of mushrooms. You can use it to season your meat dishes and pilaf.

How to remove unpleasant smells from your oven?

Fill a pan with half water and half vinegar; and place the pan in your oven. Heat the oven for a couple of minutes and then leave to cool down. The smells will be removed.

How to keep potatoes?

Put an apple in the bag, where you keep a large quantity of potatoes. The apple will prevent the potatoes from growing sprouts and shriveling. Also, keep the potatoes in a dry and cool place.

How to remove unpleasant smells from your refrigerator?

No matter how clean you keep your refrigerator, sometimes unpleasant smells occur. In order to prevent that, put three-four slices of lemon in a small saucer and place it on the lowest shelf of your refrigerator. Do not forget to renew the lemon slices every morning.

How to remove onion and garlic smell?

Rub your hands with a boiled potato to remove the onion and garlic smell on your hands.

How to remove food smell in the house?

In a coffeepot, put a cup of water and a table spoon of vinegar, and boil the mixture for a couple of minutes. You will see that the food smell is removed from the house.

What should be done for the milk not to curdle?

To prevent milk from curdling, be sure that the container you will use for milk is completely clean. To mitigate the risk of curdling, add a coffee spoon of baking soda in the milk when boiling.

What are the benefits of marigold?

It is good for swellings due to bee or insect stings, and also for redness in eyes. It can be used against irritation on skin and it helps the skin to gain brightness.

How to add zest to tea?

Put the rind of a slice of orange or the skin of a slice of apple in the jar, where you keep the tea, to add a distinguished flavor and smell to it. Also blending different types of tea would add zest to your tea.