His Last Masterpiece, the Orkide Elementary School...

He was born in the Kırkağaç district (of Manisa province), which is located in the middle of the gardens, made up by the olive trees.

His childhood was spent in the shadows of the olive trees. While he learned how to read at school, he learned how to earn money from his father and grandfather. During the elementary school years, he stepped into the commercial life, by going to the open bazaar with his grandfather. While he was selling goods collected from their fields at the market of the district and thereby contributing to the family budget, he learned about the people and life. And his self-confidence has progressed while he enjoyed happiness by earning money.

The childhood and adolescence period of Akif Küçükbay has passed by working. He acquired experience through his family and working life.  With the belief to be beneficial for the community and country, where he lived in, Akif Küçükbay started in the food wholesale business during the 1970s in Kırkağaç. He kept his shoulder to the wheel with the consciousness of working harder and earning more. He discovered ways to serve his country and to the people of his community in the store, where he was conducting food wholesale trade.

He worked honestly and earned honestly. He enjoyed happiness, as he witnessed the returns on his work. This happiness motivated him to work further. To work, to succeed, and to be beneficial to his surrounding became his philosophy of life. He grew his business further and further.  As the years have passed, his work has increased. And one day, the Kırkağaç district began to get smaller and smaller for him. He had to work more.

Together with his sons, who had already grown up, he came to İzmir in the year 1978. He started detergent and soap production, at the factory he bought in İzmir Bornova. Thinking of the growing population, developing economy and the increasing variety of the needs of Turkey, Arif Küçükbay has started oil production at the factory, where he was conducting detergent and soap production.

Turkey was familiarized with a new brand of oils and fats thanks to Akif Küçükbay and his sons. The name of the new oil, which has conquered the Turkish cuisine with its taste and quality, was Orkide. Having stepped into the Turkish cuisine with the elegance of a flower, Orkide oils was liked a lot in a short period of time and reached the peak position as one of the leading cooking liquid oils of Turkey throughout time. While Orkide oils grew further, it did not make any concessions on quality.

Akif Küçükbay and his sons, who assigned priority to honesty, reliability and health, developed their company further by taking advantage of the advancing technology. Rising up to the 91th position amongst the top 100 industrial corporations of Turkey, Küçükbay, Inc.  has opened up to foreign markets as well, following the domestic market.

Having earned the appreciation of the Turkish people, Orkide brand  also started to rank in the leading positions in the export markets. Orkide, which acquired the top leading positions both in the domestic and export markets, has taken quality into consideration as the first priority for achieving a better product. For Akif Küçükbay, who affixed his signature together with his sons on a growing corporation, the most important issue was equity.

He kept saying, “Do not get into debt. Pay in cash, sell in cash!” He was giving advice to his sons, such that “Never divert from honesty. The people, with whom you are conducting business, should always trust you. ” Akif Küçükbay had the traits of an Anatolian person, warmth of heart, honest, helpful, and reliable. While he was standing as the bread and butter for the hundreds of people, working at the factory he had established, he was not forgetting those who were in need. He was devoted to education and working. He was supporting the education system, for the young people to have a better future.

The last masterpiece of Akif Küçükbay, who deceased in May 2004, was Orkide Elementary School. A young generation, who are going to constitute the brighter future for Turkey, is being raised at this school, built with the contributions of Akif Küçükbay, who was devoted to education, who was hardworking and charitable.

We strongly believe that Akif Küçükbay is hearing the voices of the children, who are studying in the classes of Orkide Elementary School.

The Küçükbay, Inc., one of the leading corporations of the country, founded by great efforts of Akif Küçükbay, is now led by his sons Ahmet Küçükbay and Halil Küçükbay.

They continue their work and services with solid steps, together with the experience and business ethics, obtained from their family, combined with their modern education.