Since the day it was founded, Küçükbay Inc., has acted with the belief of becoming a world brand and thereby the importance of the export, and has rea...

Since the day it was founded, Küçükbay Inc., has acted with the belief of becoming a world brand and thereby the importance of the export, and has realized its investments and structuring in this respect.

In addition to its approximately 20 % market share in the domestic market, Orkide brand has been proving its success in the foreign markets as well, and is enjoying the pride of contributing to its country's economy by increasing the number of export countries each year. Orkide encompasses all criteria necessary to create solid and long lasting export connections, and therefore has reached a widespread export network through its international standards and strong brand profile. The company has a dynamic structure, enabling it to closely follow the consumer expectations and the technological advancements in the sector, and providing the capability to immediately implement such advancements; and therefore, Orkide maintains its dominance in the foreign markets since a period over 20 years, and Orkide continues to represent the name of our country with pride by having exported to about 102 countries so far.

It has been positioned as a well-known brand in many countries of the world, by being able to address to different consumer groups with different varieties of packaging and special product groups, ranging from the sunflower oil to corn, soy, canola oils, from olive oil to margarines, and industrial product groups, used for bakery and other out of home consumption points, with certificates, such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HELAL and KOSHER.

Thanks to its high production capacity, the company is conducting export to selected supermarket chains of the world, to leading distributors and wholesalers in all over the world, selected plants, which purchase bulk products, companies, which purchase as an input to their production, to the trade and defense ministries of the Middle Eastern and African countries, and also is the official supplier of United Nations and charity institutions, which are affiliated to the Red Cross.

With its expert sales and logistics personnel, Orkide enjoys the pride of being the export champion of the Exporters Union for Cereals, Pulses and Oily Seeds Products in the Aegean Region throughout the last fourteen years, with the most widespread export connections in our country and all over the world, including Far East, Middle East, Africa, North and South America and Australia.

Küçükbay Inc. is a member of the Pasta, Wheat Cereals and Vegetable Oils Promotion Group Working Committee, affiliated to the Turkey Exporters Parliament, and has been supporting the marketing and promotion activities with its experience in world markets for long years, and also contributes to the promotion of Turkish liquid oil.

The brand meets with its customers and potential purchasers by joining important exhibitions, such as Cologne Anuga, Sial Paris, Gulfood Dubai, Sial China, FHA Singapore.