About Us

Quality, Advanced Technology, Product Diversity and High Capacity.

Presenting its products to its esteemed consumers under the brand name 'Orkide' both in domestic and foreign markets, our company continues its sales operations with a wide distributor network in 81 provinces, in 7 regions of Turkey. Our corporation, which has been generating foreign currency input for a long time through its exports to 102 countries all over the world, carries its efforts further each day in order to build Orkide as a world brand. In addition to liquid cooking oil, Küçükbay, Inc. has started margarine production in the year 2003 as well, and presents the 'Ideal Orkide' brand to the preference of the consumer.

Today, the leader of the sector with its 3,000 tons refined oil capacity, Küçükbay Inc., enjoys the pride of supplying 35% of Turkey's annual oil production requirement with an annual 250,000 tons liquid oil capacity, and satisfying 15% of the liquid oil sales.

Küçükbay Inc., which is pursuing its operations within an area of 30 thousand square meters, together with 250 employees, has adopted 4 main principles: Quality, Advanced Technology, Product Diversity and Superior Capacity. These are the basis for turning the 'Orkide' brand in the domestic market and 'Vera' brand in the foreign market into world brands.

Enjoying several TSI (Turkish Standards Institution) Certificates, our company has accredited the 'Orkide' quality once again, by the designation of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate in March 2002 by the Moody International Company. The Orkide brand is proudly standing for Turkish quality in world markets, with export to 90 countries. Our corporation, being the Official Supplier of United Nations, is carrying the 'Orkide' brand throughout the world with aid campaigns.

Our company has been ranked within the top 500 industrial corporations’ list in Turkey during the last ten years, which is organized by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, and is continuing its rise by catching an increasing success rate based on its production and sales.

Thanks to its equity and strong financial structure, Küçükbay Inc. continued its investments even during crisis periods, and has attracted attention by creating a difference by acting in this respect, and the company has maintained its success with an increasing trend. Currently, Küçükbay Inc. has investments on a new factory, located on a land of 80 thousand square meters in Kemalpaşa Akalan district.

Our margarines, made of a mixture of non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats, are produced with special formulas that take the taste and health of the Turkish people into consideration. In the year 2007, the daily production of 40 tons of margarine will be expanded towards the industrial segment as well by broadening the product range accordingly.

As a corporation, which has affixed its signature to a quarter century, Küçükbay Inc. is carrying the pride of the quality service it delivers to the kitchens which appreciate health and taste together with the Orkide name.

With its main philosophy of customer satisfaction, Küçükbay Inc. is maintains its meticulous approach of processing the taste of an untouched nature together with health and care starting from the very first step of its productions until transferring this meticulous approach to its customers.

Due to this reason, the company enjoys the bliss of the unconditional trust bond with its consumers.

Since the very first day it has started production, Küçükbay Inc. has succeeded to deserve the trust of its consumer, and undertakes the responsibility of being a producer by delivering healthy, tasteful, quality and carefully manufactured products to the consumers.